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What Is Acoustic Testing / Sound Testing?

As Built Testing provide pre-completion sound testing and certification services to ensure your development complies with Part E of Building Regulations through a trusted partner organisation. 

Building regulations require new buildings to be tested to ensure the sound insulation complies with the required noise levels. Tests have to be undertaken by suitably qualified testers who hold approved third-party accreditation in a form approved by DCLG (Department of Communities & Local Government). Our partners registered under the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) accredited scheme to carry out sound insulation testing in accordance with the new Approved Document E 2003 of the Building Regulations, and can provide the following services:.

Acoustic Services

  • Reverberation Control & Testing

  • Construction Noise and Vibration

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Noise Monitoring

  • Acoustic Testing

  • Noise Mitigation Advice

  • Environmental Noise Assessment

  • Noise Modelling

  • Noise Impact Assessments

  • Sound Insulation Testing

  • Plant Noise Assessment

  • BREEAM Assessments

  • Rain NoiseBuilding Services

  • NoiseInternal

  • Sound Insulation Advice

  • Internal Acoustics

Acoustic Testing FAQs

Do I need sound insulation testing?

Detached dwellings do not usually require acoustic testing unless there is a specific planning requirement.

Terraced & semi detached houses require 2 airbourne party wall tests to be carried out unless the party walls have been built in line with the Robust Details scheme.

Flats and multi residential buildings require 2 air bourne wall tests, 2 airbourne floor tests & 2 impact floor tests unless the party walls and floors have been built in line with the Robust Details scheme

Do all of the dwellings need to be tested?

Approved Document ‘E’ states that one set of tests should be completed for every 10 dwelling types, i.e. every 10 terraced/semidetached house or every 10 apartments.

One Set of tests comprises of:

  • Houses (terraced or semi detatched) ]

    • 2 air bourne wall tests

  • Apartments & Rooms for residential

    • 2 air bourne wall tests

    • 2 airbourne floor tests

    • 2 impact floor tests