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Recommended Conditions

• Ambient air temperature within ± 10ºC for preceding 24 hours (12 hours for lightweight fabric)
• Internal to ambient air temperature difference _ 10ºC for at least 24 hours prior to test.
• Necessary surfaces free of direct solar radiation for at least 4 hours prior to survey start – greater if the structure has a thermal mass (eg a solid brick wall)
• Ambient air temperature within ± 3ºC for duration of survey and proceeding hour
• Free from precipitation just prior to or during survey
• The building surfaces to be inspected are to be dry
• Wind speed below 10m/s

Assumptions, Inclusions & Exclusions

• The survey must usually be conducted in the afternoon/night. Full access internally and externally will be required for the subject areas.
• Continuity of Insulation surveys will meet the requirements of BRE report 176 and the more recent BS EN 13187: 1999
• Only those sections of roof visible from the ground or suitable adjacent buildings will be included in this quote.
• Should lifting equipment be required this will be at additional cost.
• Any retest for defective areas will be at additional cost.

Jack Allen