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Part F Ventilation Testing


“Ventilation testing is a requirement for all new build developments under Part F of building regulations”

What Is Part F Ventilation Testing?

Part F of Building regulations 2010 requires that the practical performance of all ventilation systems in new dwellings is demonstrated through a robust testing procedure. This means all centralised and decentralised mechanical ventilation systems and extract fans should have their flow rates tested, with the results submitted to building control as part of building regulations sign off. We offer a comprehensive ventilation testing service that can be done along side our Part L air tightness testing to make it more cost effective. All testing is done in line with the domestic ventilation compliance guide 2010 Edition.   

Why is ventilation testing important?

As building become better insulated and more airtight it is essential that they are designed to breath allowing fresh air in and water vapour out. If a building does not have sufficient ventialtion it will suffer with condensation which can lead to black mould issues.

Types of Ventilation System

System 1 - Background ventilators with intermittent extractors

System 2 - Passive stack Ventilation

System 3 - Continuous Mechanical Extraction

System 4 - Continuous Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Ventialtion Tetsing FAQs

Do I need to do ventilation testing?

All new build dwellings require a Part F ventilation test however building control do not always ask for it.

Do all of the dwellings need to be tested?

To mitigate all potential risks from inadequate ventilation that causes black mould it is best to test all new dwellings.