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Thermographic Surveys


What Is A Thermographic Survey?

Thermal imaging surveys provide an instant non-disruptive image of a building fabric which identifies uncontrolled air leakage pathways, cold bridging and insulation defects.

The integrity of the building fabric, including continuity of insulation, avoidance of thermal bridging and air leakage paths is quality assured through completion of post-construction testing and inspection. Dependent on building type or construction, this can be demonstrated through the completion of a thermographic survey as well as an airtightness test and inspection.

Any defects identified in the thermographic survey or the airtightness testing reports should then be rectified prior to building handover and close out. Any remedial work must meet the required performance characteristics for the building.

Resons to have a Thermal Imaging survey done

  1. Satisfy BREEAM requirments

    BREEAM assessments have credits available for testing and inspecting the buildings fabric by conducting a thermal imaging survey to BS EN 13187.

  2. Continuity of insulation

    A thermal imaging survey will show that the insulation has been installed correctly throughout the building, it will highlight any missing or badly installed insulation that may lead to heat loss.

  3. Insulation Quality

    Thermal imaging will show that the specified levels of insulation have been installed and at the correct thickness.

  4. Identify Air Leakage

    Thermal imaging is the best way to see where airleakage is occuring in a buildings enevlope.

  5. Black Mould Issues

    Thermal imaging can identify the causes of black mould, by identifying any thermal bridging issues which cause the cold spots in the building fabric where condensation and consequently black mould occurs.